Equipment Technologies Launches 2013 Line of Apache Sprayers and New Plus II Package

During the 2012 Farm Progress Show, Equipment Technologies launched its 2013 line of Apache sprayers and the new Plus II Package

Equipment Technologies Apache Plus Ii Sprayer

At a press event held at the 2012 Farm Progress Show, Equipment Technologies (ET) announced the rollout of their 2013 line of Apache sprayers and the new Plus II Package.

“For over 15 years, the Apache self-propelled sprayer has been known for its affordability, reliability and capability to take on any terrain. We see the 2013 model year as a blend of our continuous efforts by listening to our customer’s application needs, continuing to improve our mechanical drive system with the renewed focus of Power to the Ground Technology (PTG). PTG Technology delivers 98% of the engine’s horsepower to the wheels of our sprayer, no matter which model a customer owns. We continue to provide the highest quality product at the most competitive price giving our loyal customers the highest R.O.I. possible,” says Equipment Technologies CEO Matt Hays.

Standard design enhancements for all 2013 Apache models include:

  • Tier 4i emissions requirements. All Apache AS1025 models come with a 173 hp Cummins Tier 4 Interim engine with Exhaust Gas Recirculation and a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) to boost response at all engine speeds.
  • Hood hinge system. This redesign allows Apache operators to access the engine by lifting the hood vertically up and out away from the cab via lever release. This is retrofitable on 2011 and 2012 Apache models.
  • Boom section controls. With the purchase of a factory-installed field computer, boom section control will come with each 2013 Apache.
  • Improved sight gauge. Increased visibility to detect remaining product in tank. Located at operator’s eye level when looking towards left boom wing.

New customizable options for all 2013 Apache models include:

  • Hydraulic-raising eductor. Similar to the step ladder cab entrance, all 2013 eductors will lift up and lock into position hydraulically when the parking brake is disengaged.
  • ET Custom Booms and Pommier available. Growers can now customize their factory installed booms from seven different lengths: ET Custom Booms come in straight 80 ft., 90 ft. or 100 ft.; combo 60 ft./80 ft. or 60 ft./90 ft. Pommier come in 120 ft. or 132 ft.
  • Michelin joins Titan as tire options. Growers can now choose which brand of tire is added to their Apache sprayer, either Michelin or Titan tires.

Introducing the all-new Plus II Package

The Apache Plus returns with a vengeance. New for 2013, the Plus II Package results in maximum efficiency and power. Like its predecessor, the Plus II is for growers who want the highest horsepower available. Now, growers can choose to get a 2013 AS1020 or AS1220 with a staggering 275 hp Cummins engine and a heavier duty differential from JCB to accommodate the increase in power to the ground. The difference isn’t just under the hood. All Plus II sprayers come standard with a 50 in. crop clearance with 18 in. drop box all gear final drive. The Plus II stands out among the other Apache sprayers with standard black wheels and hood stripes.