Antonio Carraro Displaying New Products at EIMA International

Antonio Carraro will have several new agricultural tractors on display during EIMA International.

TRG 9800
TRG 9800
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During EIMA International 2012, Antonio Carraro will be display several new machines for the agricultural indsustry.

TRG 9800, the “great” reversible 

The TRG 9800 Ergit Series 100 is an 87 hp reversible tractor. It is fitted with ESC (Electronic Speed Control – opt) for the electronic and automatic speed control of ground speed and engine revolutions, a device that provides good productivity by drastically reducing work execution times. Of the many optional extras available, in addition to the JPM joystick, there are the front linkage, the rear electronic lift with damping system, the bull-bar, the bodywork’s protective accessories and the homologated StarLight cab. At EIMA 2012, the TRG 9800 is presented with a new draft control device with damping, which improves safety and operative comfort during road transfer with equipment attached. As well as millimetric working precision, the draft control device is fitted with a hydraulic electronic function that acts as a “damper” by easing the tractor’s uneven movement whilst carrying equipment. This solution provides faster road speeds by limiting the tractor’s classic “snaking” movement. By avoiding recoil on the pistons of the power lift, the system contributes to the reliability and the safeguarding of the components of the lift itself.   

Mach 4: quad track with ballasts and pads on the tracks 

The Mach 4 is an 87 hp, reversible articulated quad track machine. It is a tractor with four independent rubber tracks offering all those advantages (without limits) of a traditional tractor and a tracked vehicle rolled into one. Its handling is accurate and thanks to the articulated chassis that guarantees accurate steering with an extremely tight turning circle. The Rev-Guide System RGS or reversible operation offers great versatility of use with all equipment. It is homologated for road speeds of up to 40 m/h (optional) and can be fitted with the StarLight cab. At EIMA 2012 the quad track is presented with pads and rear ballasts, two solutions aimed at guaranteeing maximum grip and safety on critical ground conditions, even on extremely slippery and sloping terrain. Here are the features that determine the Mach 4’s excellent traction, floatation and stability. 

  • Longitudinal oscillation of each track (+8/-11 degrees) combined with the oscillation of the ACTIO chassis  
  • The four rubber tracks (l:35 mm) with independent traction, identical to “ground profile” tires. 
  • The perfect redistribution of weight evenly over the front and rear axles, thanks to  the overhung engine as well as the four independent rubber tracks follow the contours of the land whether it be wet, muddy, marshy, unstable on snow or on sand. 
  • A low center of gravity guarantees a drive comfort comparable with that of the classic tractor, without having the typical disadvantages and rigidity of traditional tracked vehicle, particularly harmful to the operator’s posture. 

TTR 9800: new electroshuttle gearbox and hydraulic suspension 

The 87 hp, wide track, reversible TTR 9800 is an excellent haying tractor. In the EIMA 2012 version it is fitted with the StarLight cab, front power lift, JM Joystick, six hydraulic outlets, hydraulic suspension of double cylinder equipment and a new “electroshuttle” gearbox. The gearbox has 32 speeds: 16 forward speeds and 16 reverse speeds, controlled by a shuttle, synchronised inverter. Essentially: two speeds (fast and slow) robotized; two speeds (normal and reduced) to be selected manually, for a total of four speed ratios for each selection. Its functioning is based on activators, which via an electric control and an electronic control unit, servoassist the controls for direction and speed change. Direction control is obtained by pressing the clutch pedal and the electric inverter (positioned below the steering wheel) and then releasing the clutch gradually, as usual. The immediate advantages of this solution are the elimination of mechanical levers for the gearbox from the central tunnel and logically, less stress for the driver who, doesn’t need to activate them. With the tunnel free from levers access aboard the vehicle is more convenient. 

SRH 9800: candidate for “Tractor of the Year 2013” award 

The SRH 9800 is an articulated, reversible, hydrostatic tractor, fitted with the ACTIO oscillating chassis. It has an 87 hp engine (3,300 cc, four turbo cylinders, with contra-rotating balancers and direct injection and electronically controlled EGR, 16 valves, four per cylinder). As standard, it is fitted with ESC for the electronic control of ground speed and engine and PTO revolutions. The concept of the SRH 9800 is unique in that it combines the hydrostatic transmission with the narrow-tracked articulated chassis. This particularity allows for the simplification of the most delicate working procedures, on uneven ground, on slopes and in cramped spaces. The synergy of the basic features, in particular its reversible drive, increases the quantity of usable equipment and therefore the tractor’s potential, guaranteeing exceptional productivity. The hydrostatic transmission, however, continues to be controlled electronically and offers different work modes, allowing for the independent variation of the tractor’s speed with diesel engine revolutions, different reactivity programmes (Eco and Power), or in a combined manner according to the activity being carried out. The SRH is also fitted with the Automotive System that increases engine revolutions according to forward movement requirements and the practical Recall speed, the device for remembering and fixing speeds once set. Some examples of specific uses for the SRH are: grape collection with the self-propelled trailed grape harvesters, topping and binding of the shoots within the rows, pesticide treatments, drainage of land with grading equipment, material movement with the forklift, public highway maintenance, snow clearance, embankment and roadside clearance with specific equipment. 

Tigrecar 8400 with “Superbrake” system 

The Tigrecar 8400 is a transporter with a long wheelbase and a closed cab. Adept at carrying out activities involving material movement, it offers the operator excellent drive comfort and top of the range stability. Access is easy and devoid of obstacles.  Despite the long wheelbase, its turning circle is extremely small and handling is guaranteed by extremely gentle and precise servo assisted steering. The 27 degree attack angle enables it to cope with changes on extremely steep slopes. The transmission, with synchronized gearbox with eight forward speeds and eight reverse speeds with inverter (optional 12+12 speeds and independent PTO) is fitted with a sensitive and precise clutch. Maximum speed is 40 Km/h. The engine (three cylinders, turbo intercooler, water cooling) is 65 hp. It has a load capacity of 4,500 kg with a total trailing weight of 5,000 kg both in the agricultural and industrial versions. The cab is fitted with a powerful central heating system and is wired for a radio. The model presented at EIMA 2012 has a special braking system known as superbrake to be used as an extra safety measure in the case of stoppages on extremely steep slopes. Superbrake brakes - In addition to standard brakes (disks on all four wheels pedal hydraulic control) and to the independent handbrake (emergency brake and handbrake) the top models of the AC range, including the transporters, can be fitted with a third type of braking system, named Superbrake, particularly useful for carrying out tasks on extreme slopes. The system is activated by pulling the handbrake and successively pressing the standard brake pedal. This extra device provides total operative safety and can be activated at any given moment by the operator, especially when working on slopes, with the tractor stopped. The Superbrake system is like a virtual assistant that presses the pedal and blocks all four oil bath disk brakes. The operator can work well in all situations, safe in the knowledge that the tractor, even when fully loaded, is perfectly blocked even if the gears are not engaged. 

19 Series – NEW Tigrecar 3200

The Tigrecar 3200 (three cylinder engine – 24 hp liquid cooling) is a supercompact transporter with a lifting  platform with steering wheels, designed to carry out tasks involving material movement in the mountains and on steep slopes. ACTIO, the AC full chassis with oscillation, provides: low center of gravity, 15 degree oscillation between axles, constant homogeneous traction in all ground conditions. The double circuit hydraulic brakes on all four wheels and the gearbox with easy engagement render the tractor safe and reliable in all conditions. The “short nose” is a fundamental feature because it guarantees the vehicle’s compactness and reduces the steering circle to a minimum. The drive platform is wide and spacious and accessibility, cleaning of the central tunnel and seat comfort have been further improved. The rear PTO is set at 540 rpm. The load platform with sides and operator protection grills, easily removed when necessary, contributes to an equal distribution of weight. The Tigrecar 3200 is fitted with a trilateral hydraulic tipping to aid unloading of transport material. 

TTR 4400 II HST universal hydrostatic reversible for Groundcare  

The concept of the TTR 4400 II HST (38 hp Yanmar) replicates, on a smaller scale, that of the tractors from the top AC range. The hydrostatic transmission, the ACTIO chassis, low center of gravity, reversible drive, the speed-fix device (for setting forward speeds) allow for a wide range of usage on all types of terrain, even on the steepest slopes. The binomial machine-equipment can take on different operative settings to a high standard of specialisation, carrying out many maintenance activities such as: looking after parks and gardens, cleaning pedestrian areas, mowing motorway embankments, managing green areas on sports grounds, winter roadways, transport and digging in nurseries and building yards. On request the tractor can be fitted with a cab with air conditioning with automatic climate control, work headlights, wiring for a radio, drink holder, partial opening system for the doors, porthole, clothes hook. Other basic features are: the on-off two-speed joystick for equipment management; the pneumatically sprung seat; the double effect front power lift (particularly useful with a snow blade on iced surfaces, when it is necessary to establish greater friction and ground grip in order to remove layers of ice); front power lift (on the engine side) with front third point; the integral hydraulic braking for carrying out activities on steep slopes in the mountains.