LiuGong displaying 17 machines at BICES

LiuGong will have 17 different machines on display at BICES 2013, including wheel loaders and its largest excavator to date, the new 970E.

LiuGong is one of the world’s few construction equipment manufacturers offering a full line of best in class machines, all backed by global support. With LiuGong’s 14 product lines, users can partner with one strong and respected company to meet all their equipment needs. At BICES 2013, LiuGong is bringing a full range of 17 machines to the show in Beijing, including wheel loaders, excavators, rollers, motor graders, skid steer loaders, backhoes, bulldozers and mining equipment.  

For the past 55 years, LiuGong has been committed to perfecting the most important functions on construction machines and making their machines easy to understand in any country and culture with a minimum of training. LiuGong’s world-class R&D team constantly studies operator habits so we place vital controls and access points in the most convenient locations, while enhancing safety and comfort.

Each machine features the above characteristics. Below is an overview of the 17 machines that LiuGong will be showcasing at the show this year:

Excavators: Big Machines, Great Achievements

The highlight is LiuGong’s largest excavator. Built with latest component technologies and many advanced processes, and developed with LiuGong’s product development process (LDP) and PLM tools, the 970E delivers a customer focused, high quality 70-ton excavator, which is ideally suited to large scale quarrying and mining operations.

Besides the 970E, LiuGong is also showing its 9035E, 936E and 930E excavators; operating weights from 3,800 to 31,300 kg. Like the 970E, all these machines are highly-reliable, high-efficiency and can realize one-stop maintenance. The 9035E adopted zero bounce-back technology and arm deflection lead to excellent performance in narrow spaces.

Wheel Loaders: More Powerful, More Control

LiuGong is showing four wheel loaders at the show. The 888 wheel loader has a superior arm with a height of 3,800 mm and maximum speed of 35 km/h. Its tipping load at maximum steering angel is over 19 tons which offers great stability.

The 856 wheel loader gives customers the most control over the machine. It has comfortable and safe cabin with lots of space and a wide range of view. The noise level is as low as 86 decibels. With powerful air conditioner and heater, adjustable seat and steering column, the 856 wheel loader can be easily operated in a tough and extreme condition. The 862-LNG and 835 wheel loaders are also being showed at BICES with operating weights of 19,875 kg and 10,900 kg respectively.

Small Machinery: Small but Powerful

The 385B skid steer loader is extremely versatile with more than 30 optional attachments; it is widely used in highway maintenance, cargo clearance, municipal maintenance and landscaping. It can realize 360 degree turning, especially suitable for narrow space work sites like small construction sites, tunnels and so on. The machine underwent 5,000 hours strict testing in the field; it features high efficiency, long life and easy maintenance.

The 777A backhoe loader comes with a 40 km/h top speed. It is the ideal tool for repairing and working on municipal public utilities.

Roller: More Fuel Efficient

The 6626E single drum roller is the ideal tool for road compaction. The Cummins QSB6.7-C190 meets EU Stage III emissions standards. It provides a long service life, and offers low fuel consumption and low noise. Equipped with a fuel efficient Changchai ZN390Q engine, the 6032 is very powerful but with low fuel consumption.

Bulldozer: Extreme Conditions, Under Control

The Dressta TD-40E adopted Cummins QSK19 engine which meets EU Stage IIIA and EPA Tier 3 emissions standards. The new level of combustion efficiency enables NO2 emissions to be reduced by almost 40% to meet required standards. The machine can be operated under any extreme conditions, including coal, arctic and slag.

Besides the Dressta TD-40E, LiuGong’s B160 and B320 also can be easily maintained with a comfortable operating cab.

Motor Grader: High Efficiency and High Reliability

The 4200 is equipped with the high-pressure common-rail electronic engine which meets the China III emission standards. Adopted ZF 6WG200 transmission, six-speed powershift and imported drive axle with No-Spin LSD (limited slip differential) reliable performance is the norm.

Mining Equipment: Innovation for Future

The SGA240 adopted utilizes the latest AC IGBT drive system technology provided by Beijing SuLi Technology Co. Ltd. It provides superior performance with higher top speeds, better grade ability and stronger retardation. The inverter modules provide better braking. These advantages result in more productivity and lower costs per ton.