New Challenger MT500E Series row crop tractors offer maximum horsepower ratings from 185 to 255

The new Challenger MT500E Series row crop tractors feature 6.6 and 7.4 liter Tier 4 Final AGCO Power engines with increased efficiency and power, and horsepower ranges from 185 to 255.

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Challenger, a worldwide brand of AGCO Corporation, has announced the availability of five new row crop tractor models it believes can instantly increase on-farm efficiency and productivity.

The new Challenger MT500E Series row crop tractors with new AGCO Power Tier 4 Final 6.6- and 7.4-liter six-cylinder diesel engines feature increased maneuverability, efficiency and power, three key components to ensuring a new tractor purchase translates to real results on the farm.

Maximum engine horsepower ranges from 185 to 255 across the lineup, which includes the MT555E, MT565E, MT575E, MT585E and MT595E. Torque ratings at 1,500 rpm range from 830 ft.-lbs. for the MT555E to 1,049 ft.-lbs. for the MT595E.

"The new engines provide a significant bump in power over previous models, and provide great throttle response and torque at all RPM, thanks to turbochargers with electronically controlled wastegates and a new Engine Performance Management (EPM) system that provides up to a 25-horsepower boost on demand," says Conor Bergin, AGCO Product Marketing Manager for High-Horsepower Tractors. "A 29,000-psi common-rail fuel injection system provides ideal fuel atomization for better fuel efficiency, while a new throttle valve provides quicker engine warm-up and eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF)."

The engines powering the MT500E Series are all equipped with dual alternators, third-generation selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emission technology, a maintenance-free diesel oxidation catalyst system under the hood, and a new engine control unit (ECU) for precise operation and fuel efficiency.

From row-crop farmers to those using the tractors for efficient material handling in difficult-to-maneuver areas, the MT500E Series is designed to provide a sure-footed, powerful tractor with the strength and stamina for hard work in the field or feedlot.

"The new power and redesigned cooling system ensure these machines will stand up to the most demanding agriculture environments on earth," Bergin adds. "The MT500E Series tractors are powerful enough to run a large square baler, have sufficient hydraulic capacity to operate a 12- to 16-row planter, and are adaptable enough to replace the extra chore tractor."

Engineered to handle more power

With a boost in power for the new lineup, engineers redesigned the hood and grill of the MT500E Series to provide excellent airflow in and out of the engine compartment. The new CYCLAIR cooling package creates more cooling efficiency without increasing system size and without impinging on operator visibility. For hot summers in the hay field, or just about any non-winter operation in the Southwest, engineers also provided a larger air conditioner condenser on the MT500E Series tractors to keep the cab more comfortable.

The MT500E Series offers transmission and hydraulic options to suit any operation. Farmers can choose the smooth no-shift operation of a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which provides an infinite number of operating speeds and tremendous efficiency, or the rugged, field-proven AutoPower VI transmission, which is cooled by a new heat exchanger in the tractor’s engine oil cooler. Farmers who opt for the CVT benefit from an upgraded 50 gpm hydraulic system, while AutoPower VI owners can outfit their tractor with 29 or 39 gpm systems. The upgraded hydraulic systems help farmers meet ever-increasing hydraulic demands and provide better control of larger implements in the field.

Up front, suspension travel has been more than doubled, providing for improved traction in even the roughest field conditions and terrain. Independent double-acting cylinders mount directly to the frame, allowing the operator to adjust the suspension to suit any work task. To accommodate the new suspension system, engineers also redesigned the engine sump and the transmission spacer to provide structure and clearance for the improvement.

With the extra power on hand, more weight may be needed to keep the tractor and implements in balance. The new MT500E Series sports a new front monobloc weight system with available 1,984- and 3,306-pound weights, for a total ballasted weight of more than 30,000 lbs., a 12% increase over previous models.

Improved SIS and Auto-Guide 3000

The new front dash display included a setup and information screen (SIS) that has 10 times the resolution of previous models and is now 50 percent larger for easier viewing and operation. Found on the TMC Display is a fully integrated Auto-Guide 3000 system to help keep the tractor in line and reduce fuel consumption as well as chemical and fertilizer application overlaps for improved farm efficiency and productivity. A "Go Mode" makes it easy to get started, and a simple user interface makes it easier to use the tractor management center (TMC) display.

New quality-assurance testing at Jackson, MN facility

Starting fall of 2014, Challenger and Massey Ferguson tractors built in Jackson must pass three new quality-assurance tests before being delivered to dealers and farmers. The new end-of-line tests — a jounce test, PTO dynamometer test and chassis dynamometer test — ensure each tractor to come off the line performs at or above engineering specification and is ready to work hard for farmers.

The new quality-assurance testing area is part of a three-year, $42 million upgrade and expansion to the AGCO engineering and manufacturing facility in Jackson. The motivation behind the project, which kicked off in 2013, is to further improve the quality of the agricultural equipment built there, as well as the efficiency and production capacity of the facility.