FAE Group celebrates 25 years of business

FAE Group recently celebrated 25 years of business at its headquarters in Italy, and looks to the future for continued market growth.

FAE Group recently celebrated 25 years in business. Founded in 1989 by four partners, today FAE is the world leading manufacturer in land clearing equipment and PTO mounted construction attachments. FAE is also the leader in manufacturing track forestry mulchers. Its PrimeTech range is composed of PT-175, PT-300, PT-500 and PT-600 offering full solutions for all land clearing applications - from pipelines, gas lines, power lines, commercial and residential land clearing.

FAE celebrated its milestone on September 13 at the world headquarters in Italy with almost 400 people in attendance including employees, top-selling dealers and a few loyal customers. At the party’s welcome speech, President and co-founder Diego Scanzoni discussed the history of the company and how the company has become the global leader in the industry.  

“FAE has taken the world market by storm,” says Giorgio Carera, CEO of FAE USA. “Since the beginning, our strategy has been to develop and build first-quality equipment to provide the best service throughout our dealer network and to provide the greatest education about our equipment. Our philosophy has always been to develop and provide solutions based on customer feedback. It has proven to be one of the keys of our success.”
FAE’s strategy also includes being physically present in key markets with its own branches, providing inventory of machines, parts, service, sales and marketing support. Today FAE (in addition to the four production locations), includes six distribution branches in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Russia.

Carera also envisions a future where:

  • FAE is the recognized leader 
  • FAE continues to develop new products to meet and exceed customer needs
  • FAE’s solutions help customers become profitable and succeed
  • FAE’s team is highly qualified and contributes to FAE and customer growth
  • FAE’s distribution system makes the company more easily accessible 
  • FAE’s business model drives superior results

FAE’s strategy is focused on the execution of its proven business model. "Our entire team is extremely motivated and energized, ready to take on our competition and saturate every market,” Carera says. “We're highly focused on our customers, continuing to deliver quality products and solutions that contribute to their efficiency and bottom line. We want the customers to recognize FAE as the friend that they can count on.”