DEUTZ-FAHR introduces C700 range of combine harvesters

DEUTZ-FAHR has introduced its C700 range of combine harvesters which have two models available featuring balance automatic slope compensation for hillside operations.

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Exactly one year since the launch of the C9000 Series, DEUTZ-FAHR presents another important addition to its family at EIMA: the C7000 range. Every detail of this new generation of machine has been designed to deliver the productivity and versatility so crucial in a machine of this class, while every component is conceived for unparalleled reliability and durability.

Four standard models are offered: the C7205 and C7205 TS with five straw walkers, and the C7206, C7206 TS with six straw walkers. Alongside these are the two C7205 TSB and C7206 TSB hill models with the balance automatic slope compensation, which keeps the machine level on lateral gradients up to 20% and longitudinal gradients up to 6%. Working in conjunction with the elevator channel, auto control function and automatic cutting angle functions, the Balance system ensures outstanding productivity on all terrains in complete safety and with superlative driver comfort.

DEUTZ engines, with the 246 kW (334 hp) 7.8 liter TCD L6 Tier 4 Interim (T4i) for the C7206 and C7206TS, and the 6.1 liter TCD L6 T4I 211 kW (287 hp) guise for the C7205TS and 184 kW (250 hp) for the C7205, deliver not only outstanding performance, but also among the lowest consumption figures in the class, with SCR exhaust aftertreatment technology, AdBlue and the advanced exclusive construction of the machine itself, with transmissions on both sides of the engine.

The C7000 range has been conceived to increase the productivity of operators working on medium sized land areas, with technical solutions devised to maximise efficiency, minimizing downtime and reducing fuel consumption. The most significant features include multi-segment concaves that can be changed in just a few minutes, independent electrical concave control,  high inertia threshing drum, and the synchronized beater to prevent grain damage.

The acclaimed Maxi Crop threshing system with Turbo Separator provides high threshing speeds, while ensuring outstanding grain quality and cleanliness and straw integrity, even when harvesting in challenging conditions with high moisture levels.

Grain tanks with a capacity of 9,500 litres for the C7206 and 8,500 liters for the C7205, maximize the efficiency of the machine even when working with very wide headers, which are available in widths up to 9 meters. In addition to the standard cutter bars, the C7000 range may also be equipped with Varicrop cutter bars in widths of 5.5 to 6.5 and 7.5 meters with an extendible cutting table from a minimum of 370 to a maximum of 1,070 mm.

The chassis has been completely redesigned and strengthened, making these machines ideal for even the toughest terrain and capable of carrying cutting tables weighing up to 3 tonnes. These machines are equipped with a new rear axle, and are also available with 4WD and Anti-Skid traction control.   

Both the five and six walker models of the C7000 may be fitted with rubber tracks measuring 760 mm in width and 3.5 meters in total length. Tracked versions are homologated for use on public roads at speeds up to 25 Km/h, making them the ideal solution for reconciling the needs for greater soil care with minimum compaction.

Created in collaboration with Giugiaro Design, the distinctive new DEUTZ-FAHR style and the new high visibility Commander Cab V make the C7000 unmistakeable. Inspired by the flagship C9000, the gullwing doors are not only visually impressive but also facilitate access to the crucial parts of the machine for quicker, easier daily inspection and maintenance. A solution that offers significant benefits in terms of productivity.

In short, the new DEUTZ-FAHR C7000 Series has been designed for maximum efficiency, productivity, versatility and durability.