Goldoni introduces new tractors and safer cab environment at EIMA 2014

At EIMA 2014 Goldoni introduced its new Stage IIIB Q-110 tractor as well as the GL15 cab designed to ensure compliance with anti-cryptogamic regulations.

The E-50 equal wheel tractor has a Kohler KDI engine which meets Stage IIIA emissions regulations.
The E-50 equal wheel tractor has a Kohler KDI engine which meets Stage IIIA emissions regulations.

Goldoni S.p.A. returns to Migliarina di Carpi from EIMA 2014 with well-deserved success for the high appreciation regarding the “3 good ideas for vineyard and orchard” the slogan for the new products introduced at the show.

Q-110 with Stage IIIB emissions compliance

Innovation, design, power, high quality mechanics and hydraulics are just a few of the aspects that engineers have improved to keep up the value of the “MADE IN ITALY” printed on the bonnet. Future regulations on exhaust emissions will oblige manufacturers of agricultural machinery higher than 56 kW to adopt new engines which conform to Stage IIIB. The Goldoni Family, despite the hard times in domestics and international markets, wanted to design and present the greatest revolution on a tractor for Vineyard and Orchard since the birth of its STAR Series.

The new Q-110 is a simple abbreviation that includes a big VALUE: Q to demonstrate that the project includes all the experience of the QUASAR series (the Goldoni best-selling specialized tractor, the TOP of the range) and "110" brings, for the first time, the brand over 100 with a common rail turbo intercooler.

Also, the strictly mechanic transmission is new: 24+12 with Micro-Gear mechanical reverse switchable on all gears. It offers speeds from 400 m/h for the collection of nuts or for treatments on slopes at 40 km/h for road transfers in maximum security thanks to the powerful braking guaranteed by a double pump.

Three pumps which bring the hydraulic system up to 100 l/min., a joystick to control the electrodistributors and a 2.4-inch TFT dashboard are just few of the Q-110 innovative aspects. Two things haven’t changed: the "step" that makes Goldoni an easy-to-handle tractor between the rows and the “breakdown of weights” at 50% on the front and rear axle where only the crawlers can compete.

E-50 equal-wheel tractor

Three key features for the new E-50 Goldoni are among the many technical innovations for this tractor. The
engine is a Kohler KDI direct injection, Stage IIIA, with optimum fuel consumption and noise levels at historic lows to raise the quality of work in the fields for farmers who want an equal-wheel tractor with more and more comfort.

The 8+4 synchronized gearbox is Goldoni’s assurance of a high quality mechanical transmission. The tractor includes an attractive design in line with Ronin & Transcar, fuel tank with a capacity of 40 liters and an integrated tool box, and hydraulic distributor. Optimal ergonomics are provided thanks to the new dashboard, the gearshift levers location and the range selector. All this in a concentration of quality rigorously "Made in Italy."

New Class III-IV cabs 

The Goldoni GL15 cabin has been completely redesigned to meet the strict regulations regarding anti-cryptogamic. A new design with a new unit fan with an air conditioner that uses three powerful active carbon filter systems; the digital dashboard emphasizes the internal pressure of exercise and ensures operator safety. Very important also is the interchangeability "aftermarket"; in fact the new cabin can be applied, with a relative kit, also on the STAR 90, STAR 100 e QUASAR 90 Series of previous production.