TII Group's SPMT helps move large LNG production absorber across difficult terrain

The SCHEUERLE self-propelled mobile transporter was recently used to transport an absorber across difficult road conditions to the Petronas LNG production site.

Tii Group 1480ton Absorber Transportvia Spmt 547c92016b397

Weighing 1,480 tons and having a high center of gravity made the transport of an absorber from the Malysian Bintulu port to the Petronas LNG production site a challenging task. Due to the unprecedented tilting stability of the SCHEUERLE SPMT (self-propelled mobile transporter), the load was transported to the production site safely, despite difficult road conditions and turns. Limited ground resilience made the transport even trickier, a problem solved by side-by-side coupling of 2x24 axle lines of SPMT.

At an overall freight length of 55,6 meters, turns become very narrow and precise steering is necessary. Therefore this transport clearly was a case for the SCHEUERLE SPMT, known worldwide for its precise and well-engineered steering modes. Air Marine used equipment other than SCHEUERLE in the past, but has decided to change back to vehicles of the TII Group (consisting of SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG and TII ENERGY), two years ago. Air Marine was able to carry out numerous transports since then, relying on the expertise of the TII Group.

“After companies other than SCHEUERLE started building what they call SPMT, they gathered some small market shares naturally. But customers turn back to us more and more often due to the reliability of our vehicles and our vast experience. We have a total of 35,000 driven axle lines in the market today. Our customers move 70% of all transports over 3,000 and 90% of all transports over 5,000 tons worldwide on our SPMT. No other company can compete with that,” says Bernd Schwengsbier, President of TII Sales. “There is a huge customer benefit we offer – by being available worldwide at any time for cross hire rental and offering our customers the possibility to get their hands on any equipment around the globe exactly when they need it.” 

Planning and preparing the transport took Air Marine nearly a whole year. Obstacles were identified and resolved, which involved discussions and joint meetings with local authorities and associates prior to the start. Various street and public furniture had to be dismantled and reinstalled after the transport including removal and widening of the port exit gate, removal of various lamp posts and sign boards, cutting of numerous trees, clearing and backfilling various areas, strengthening the drains and culverts or placing reinforcing steel plates.