TII Group expands SPMT product line for broader range of applications

TII Group continues to expand the possible range of applications for its self-propelled modular transporters by adding new models.

The SPMT Widening Solutions model has a freely adjustable vehicle width to accommodate varying load dimensions.
The SPMT Widening Solutions model has a freely adjustable vehicle width to accommodate varying load dimensions.

In 1983, SCHEUERLE, a member of the TII Group, developed a vehicle that would fundamentally change the heavy haulage industry. The Self Propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT), with its container-sized design, was introduced into the heavy-load transporter sector and opened up new dimensions in heavy-load transportation. The development of the SPMT created the prerequisites for the manufacturer of oversized industrial installations and conveyor systems or infrastructure projects to take a completely new approach regarding the cost-effective production of oversized installations because the transport from the production site to the most remote locations in the world was now possible. Today, industrial production modules reach weights of up to 15,000 tonnes with the door left open for even more potential. They are handled through the use of SPMTs. The TII Group has recently expanded its SPMT product portfolio with a range of innovations.

The TII Group, which includes SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS and KAMAG, is global leader in the manufacture of self-propelled modular vehicles and provides by far the largest vehicle fleets in the world market. Seventy percent of all transports over 3,000 tonnes as well as 90% of all transports over 5,000 tonnes are carried out on SPMTs from the TII Group. Customers of the TII Group benefit from the unmatched global coverage with modular vehicles. Depending on requirements, operators can rent additional axle lines (cross-hire rental) and hence flexibly manage new projects even if more axle lines are needed than are actually available in the company's vehicle fleet. This provides customers of the TII Group with a head start over the competition in terms of flexibility and planning certainty.

"Due to our global presence, we are always in close proximity to our customers and their projects, regardless where these are in the world," says Bernd Schwengsbier, President of the joint sales company TII Sales. "Our SPMTs are easy and quick to move onto container flat racks, and those who rely on us can be sure to have suitable transport equipment available everywhere." 

The SPMT vehicle series from the TII Group with its container-sized design (SCHEUERLE SPMT and KAMAG K 24) have been continuously improved since the original technical development and market development, and correspond to the highest standards regarding technology and quality. SPMT vehicles of the TII Group can be coupled together regardless of their age. This is a critical success factor for TII customers when expanding their fleets either through purchasing or renting.

Current SPMT vehicle series and innovations:

  • SPMT SL (Split Type) – if two vehicles were too wide and one vehicle was too narrow, the SPMT SL can provide the solution to the problem. The SPMT SL (Split Type) is dividable in the middle and can be connected to create the so-called three-file combinations.
  • SPMT Widening Solutions – whenever a freely adjustable vehicle width is required for accommodating variably dimensioned loads, the SPMT Widening Solutions have the opportunity to really demonstrate their strengths. Telescopic or extendable with a scissors system, the SPMT Widening Solutions can be perfectly adapted within a matter of minutes to match the size of the load, thus providing maximum stability and ensuring easy handling.
  • SPMT Light – transports on company premises are the ideal operational areas for the SPMT Light. With its integrated PowerPack, the vehicle is extremely maneuverable and facilitates easy handling of heavy loads.
  • SPMT ES with 60 t axle load – 48 t axle loads are usually standard for transportation assignments due to the maximum permissible ground pressure. If, however, the ground pressure so allows and a more robust version with an increased bending moment is required, the SPMT ES with its 60 t is the answer. 
  • SPMT F with increased speed – for transports over long distances, the SPMT F can fully exploit its strength: a higher top speed of up to 22 km/h. Among other things, the increasing size of oil and gas fields have made the development of this vehicle necessary, whereby the return of empty modules on trailers is also made unnecessary for mid-range distances.
  • SPMT AC "Artic" for use in temperatures of -40 C - when used in the oil and gas industry, SPMTs are often exposed to extreme weather conditions. The SPMT AC, with its additional heating unit, remains unaffected and can be used without any loss of performance at temperatures reaching -40 C. 
  • SPMT 8-axle module – has recently supplemented the existing 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-axle standard bogies.

Today, the original SCHEUERLE product name SPMT (with container-size dimensions) is used as a generic term for all types of modular self-propelled vehicles as well as for driven modular platform trailer combinations larger than container dimensions such as the TII Group product series with a 3 m chassis width: the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 SPE, SCHEUERLE InterCombi SPE or NICOLAS MHD SPE. In total, there are more than 35,000 self-propelled axle lines from the TII Group in use worldwide on the roads or in-plant operations.