Scania publishes 2014 Annual Report and Sustainability Report

Scania has released its 2014 Annual Report and Sustainability Report which outline ways the company has reduced its carbon footprint for both customers and itself.

Scania’s Annual Report and Sustainability Report for 2014 are now available. The Annual Report, which outlines Scania’s operations, strategy and financial performance, is available in English and Swedish, while the Sustainability Report, which provides in-depth reporting on sustainability performance, is available in English.

The Sustainability Report for 2014 highlights continued achievements in reducing the carbon footprint for customers as well as in Scania’s own operations. Scania has the stated aim of being the leader in sustainable transport.

“I see no conflict between logistical efficiency, CO2 reductions, social and ethical responsibility and strong financial performance; to me, they are a prerequisite,” says Scania’s President and CEO Martin Lundstedt.

A key message is that the potential to increase the efficiency of today’s transport services is huge and creates several new business opportunities for Scania. Scania is well-positioned to optimize logistics flows — not only for Scania's customers but for their customers as well. This requires a deep understanding of the logistics flow from production to distribution and sales — an approach that is firmly established at Scania.

Important areas going forward will be integrated transport solutions, alternative fuels and hybridization with greater emphasis on electrification.

“We want to bring a new way of thinking about transport – one that is innovation-driven, systems-based and founded on collaboration,” says Martin Lundstedt. “By partnering with our customers and other stakeholders, we build real understanding of what is needed to transform transport systems and embed efficiency throughout the value chain.”