SDLG adds six new locations to dealer network

SDLG continues to grow its presence in North America through the opening of six new dealerships.

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It’s been just over a year since SDLG entered North America, and to date, the company’s development plan continues to be right on track. The goal of providing customers with an alternative to premium, used wheel loaders has made inroads into the industry, as both dealers and customers are seeing the benefits of offering quality wheel loaders backed by top-notch support.

The launch of SDLG has been met with great observance, with sellers and users of construction equipment paying great attention to the brand’s value proposition and what it could mean for the industry. As dealers have now seen how well the wheel loaders perform and the level of support they’re given, many are signing on to offer the machines to their own customers.

Six new dealers have joined SDLG’s dealer network this spring, bringing the total to 23 dealers at 40 locations. Malvese Equipment, Alta Equipment, Highway Equipment & Supply, Hugg & Hall Construction & Industrial Equipment, Nuss Truck & Equipment and Penn Jersey Machinery are these most recent additions.

All six of the companies have years of experience in dealing with construction equipment, reflecting SDLG’s strategy to partner with seasoned experts in bringing its products to the region. In many ways, the success of the Chinese brand in North America will come down to its dealer partners – hence the onus on bringing together partners that are well-tuned to their customers and their needs.

The six new dealers will sell SDLG’s complete North American lineup of four wheel loaders. They will also fully back the machines, providing extensive product support and service. The range includes:

  • LG938L 2.5yd³ capacity wheel loader
  • LG948L 3.0 yd³ capacity wheel loader
  • the LG958L, a 4.0 yd³ capacity wheel loader;
  • LG959 which has the same basic specs as the LG958L, but with wet disc brakes rather than dry disc

All four loaders are backed by a 12-month, 1,500-hour manufacturer’s warranty.

Each of the companies stocks a wide range of construction equipment and has teams of well-trained sales and service personnel to back SDLG products. They will all also offer SDLG’s 21st Century Product Support, which uses a central parts location to ship parts to customers and dealers, often within 24 hours.

Al Quinn, Director of SDLG North America, attributes the rapid expansion of SDLG’s dealer networking to a growing trust in the brand and its wheel loaders capabilities.

“The rapid expansion of SDLG is testament to the notion that if you build a solid foundation for a brand, business will flourish,” he says. “Over the last year, dealers have seen how well these wheel loaders perform and the high level of support given to them, which has encouraged them to partner with SDLG and offer these machines to their customers.” 

The new dealers are:

  • Malvese Equipment based in Riverhead, NY, and will offer SDLG at locations in Hicksville and Riverhead. 
  • Nuss Truck & Equipment based in Rochester, MN, and will offer SDLG at its location in Rochester.
  • Hugg & Hall Construction & Industrial Equipment based in Little Rock, AR, and will offer SDLG at its location in Little Rock.
  • Highway Equipment Company based in Harrisburg, PA, and will offer SDLG at its location in Harrisburg.
  • Alta Equipment Company based in Peotone, IL, and will offer SDLG at locations in New Hudson, MI.
  • Penn Jersey Machinery based in Lionville, PA, and will offer SDLG at its location in Lionville.

Quinn says that for all of the companies joining the SDLG dealer network, the value proposition of the brand’s wheel loaders rings true.

“There are lots of features on higher-priced machines that our customers don’t need, don’t want or can’t necessarily afford,” he says. “SDLG can offer them a wheel loader that doesn’t break the bank or lose their return on their investment if it’s not in continual usage. It’s also a great alternative to used machines, offering a well-made new wheel loader backed by a great warranty.”