Komatsu America Corp. introduces D65PXi-18 intelligent machine control dozer

Komatsu's latest intelligent machine control dozer offers automated dozing capabilities and features a long track and low ground pressure for operation in soft or wet conditions.

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Komatsu America Corp., a leading global heavy equipment manufacturer, has introduced the new D65PXi-18, the latest addition to the next generation of intelligent machine control and dozer technology.

The long track, low ground pressure D65PXi-18 excels in soft or wet conditions and offers exceptional stability for finish grading applications. It features a stronger, 217 hp SAA6D114E-6 EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified engine that is environmentally friendly and provides high levels of performance while reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

“From first to last pass – rough cut to finish grade – the machine senses blade load, minimizes track slip and ensures operators get the most from every push,” says Jason Anetsberger, Komatsu Product Manager. “We believe the difference in dozing efficiency between conventional machine operation and intelligent machine control technology is exceptional.” 


The D65PXi-18 intelligent machine control system allows automated operation from heavy dozing to fine grading, achieving up to 8% greater efficiency in moving material, based on start-to-finish grade testing of typical aftermarket machine control systems. The lack of blade-mounted sensors and components means there is no need for operators to climb on the blade to install/remove GNSS antennas, no coiled cables to snag and no electrical connections to slow the start and end of every shift.


Simple math: by skipping the cables, and the climbing and connections common with aftermarket systems, operators save 15 minutes at the start and finish of each day. A 30-minutes-a-day savings for 20 days a month is 10 saved hours per month. In this scenario, savings add up fast. Production and savings accrued from 10 extra hours a month over five to seven years of ownership should be factored into any comparison of up-front price or total cost of ownership.


An automatic gearshift transmission and lock up torque converter selects the optimal gear range depending on jobsite conditions and load for maximum operation efficiency. This electronically controlled transmission locks up the torque converter to transfer engine power directly to the transmission, eliminating horsepower loss and cutting fuel consumption by up to 10%.


The D65PXi-18 ROPS certified, pressurized cab has wide, tall windows and superb sealing for outstanding visibility and less noise and dust inside the cab. The D65PXi-18 cab damper mounts isolate the cab from the machine frame, softening shocks and vibrations and providing superior operator comfort.

The D65PXi-18 and every other Komatsu Tier 4 Final construction-sized machine, whether rented, leased or purchased, is covered by the Komatsu CARE program for the first three years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. Komatsu CARE includes scheduled factory maintenance, a 50-point inspection at each service and two complimentary Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter exchanges and DEF tank flushes in the first five years.