New Yanmar ViO57-6 Excavators Feature 10% Improved Lifting Force

The compact Yanmar ViO57-6 zero tail swing excavator is compactly designed for use in space-constrained applications and features a 10% greater lifting force.

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Yanmar introduces its new ViO57-6 Zero Tail Swing excavator.

The ViO57-6 benefits from Yanmar’s unmatched experience in developing Zero Tail Swing excavators. Since the invention of the ViO concept in 1995, Yanmar has remained the leader in designing the most compact excavators. The ViO57-6 is probably the most compact excavator in its class, providing Yanmar customers with true peace of mind, especially in urban environment where space is limited.

While the length of the boom stays at 2,950 mm, its form has been radically changed, improving the lifting force of the ViO57-6 by 10% and offering a very compact turning radius. This new design also reduces the weight of the structure by 40 kg and increases the stability of the machine. The boom structure has been strengthened to enhance its durability and its service life. The ViO57-6 benefits from a unique and complete protection of all its boom and arm cylinders. All cylinder tubes and rods are protected by a spring type steel plate, which drastically reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the machine.

The x-shaped box-section structure of the undercarriage provides excellent torsional stiffness. The frame is designed for maximum durability. All the components of the undercarriage have been upgraded to increase the durability and the service life of the machine and reduce its TCO.

This new undercarriage design contributes to improve the stability of the ViO57-6 and to reduce the machine height to an optimal 2.54 m, which facilitates transportation of the machine.


The ViO57-6 benefits from an improved powerline: The combination of the new more powerful engine and hydraulic pump (+14%) and a new control valve improve the cycle-times by more than 10%.

The 48.4 hp TNV engine is equipped with direct injection to create clean burning power. It has fully-electronic control to provide the ViO57-6 with total intelligent engine control. It is equipped with a turbo charger improving power, fuel efficiency and torque. This choice allows to reduce the rpm by 200 rpm and drastically improves the noise level for the operator and the bystanders.

The ViO57-6 is equipped in standard with an Eco mode which effectively controls the motor speed, reducing it by 300 rpm, thus allowing a very low fuel consumption. The Auto-Deceleration device, also in standard, enables the engine to drop back to idle if the operator doesn’t touch the operating levers for 4 seconds. Environmental performance (noise and emissions) and fuel consumption are even more improved.

The hydraulic circuit of the ViO57-6 has an aggregated power regulation equipped with three variable flow piston pumps and a multiple combination directional control valve. Pumps engage automatically depending on the performed operation, providing greater ease of use for the operator. On one hand, the combination of the pump flows can increase the work speed and on the other hand, the system allows smooth and simultaneous performance of all the operations, even while traveling.


Standard equipment of the ViO57-6 includes two auxiliary hydraulic circuits. Both are operated via a proportional control located on the joystick which adapt the flow and the direction of the oil flow. Additionally, each circuit has an easy-to-operate potentiometer which adjusts the oil flow to the optimal requirement for each and every attachment.

The ViO57-6 benefits also from a drive motor developing 10% more torque, improving cycle times and productivity, especially in levelling applications. Standard equipment also includes the new “automatic two-speed” drive motor which shift automatically up and down depending on the effort required. The operator is automatically provided with the best solution in terms of speed or pushing force, making operation easier and improving the operator comfort.


Putting the operator in the center of its design initiatives, Yanmar developed the “Universal Design” concept which is focused on ergonomics. Combined with increased leg room, it improves the comfort and safety of the operator.

The ViO57-6 design provides an ergonomic environment, excellent visibility and exceptional safety. The shape of the cabin provides the operator with an optimal 360-degree viewy in order to improve safety on the jobsite and to make work more efficient. The air suspension seat has numerous possibilities of adjustment to give the optimal seating position. The instrumentation panel has been redesigned as well as the armrests, which further enhances the operator’s comfort.