New Joy Global 4LD Underground Loader Features Operator Comfort and Productivity Improvements

Joy Global's new Joy 4LD underground loader features a Z-bar linkage bucket to increase breakout force 15% and improves dump time from 5 seconds to 2.1 seconds.

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The new Joy 4LD underground loader released at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016 in Las Vegas is the latest in Joy Global’s suite of enhanced hard rock mining products focused on safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.

With a wide variety of rated load capacities ideal for narrow vein mining applications, the 4LD expands the company’s range of underground loaders. The 4-tonne (8,800-lb.) capacity machine features a robust steel frame built to withstand the rigors of hard rock mining applications, reducing the potential for downtime and extending equipment life. It is the first LHD of this size class to feature a Z-bar linkage bucket, which increases breakout force by 15% and improves dump time from 5 seconds to 2.1 seconds.

The loader’s safety-related features include ground-level maintenance, three-point access and egress to the operator’s compartment, operational interlocks, and separation of heat and fuel sources. It also features an expanded operator’s cabin for enhanced ergonomics and comfort. The 4LD was designed with input from Joy Global’s customers to help enhance mining operations.

Joy Global’s hard rock mining equipment suite also includes hydraulic jumbo drills, in-the-hole production drills and trucks. Joy hydraulic jumbo drills feature Montabert HC Series drifters and Intelsense drilling controls. All Joy hard rock equipment is supported by the company’s global direct service network, with state-of-the-art facilities and on-site assistance.