Scania Partnering with McNeilus to Bring Concrete Mixers to Mexico

Scania is providing the chassis, and McNeilus the mixer drum, for concrete mixer trucks the two companies will offer for the Mexican market.

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Scania is teaming up with McNeilus to showcase its first concrete mixer trucks for the Mexican market, at the Mexican Association of Concrete Industries’ congress in Cancun from October 19-22.

The truck being displayed at the congress, one of the most important events in the concrete industry’s calendar, is a P 310 C6x4HZ model. Scania is providing the chassis, while the vehicle has an 8 cu. m mixer drum that has been manufactured by McNeilus in Mexico.

The mixer truck represents the first big collaboration between Scania Mexico and McNeilus, part of the Oshkosh group of companies. Several other collaborations between the two are planned, including 10 more mixers and a front loader for refuse collection.

Sustainable solutions

João Crema, Sales Director for Scania Mexico, sees the cooperation with McNeilus in Mexico as being an important step toward being able to offer Mexican customers and fleet owners sustainable solutions that are tailor-made for infrastructure or building projects, strengthening relationships with the big fleet companies in this sector.

“The aim of this initiative is to continue our work towards integrating more energy-efficient vehicles onto our roads to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Crema.

Strategic partnership

“This is a very positive project, and it will definitely open the door to further initiatives. Scania is aiming to reduce emissions by using alternative fuels. At a global level, this is a strategic partnership, and it will translate into excellent business for both companies,” says Håkan Lionell, Key Account Manager, Scania.

The unit, whose strengths include its fuel economy and its better turning radius, can be used to pour concrete in areas with harsh road conditions or the construction of new infrastructure projects. With there already being several customers in Mexico for the unit, Scania and McNeilus hope that the trucks could be used in projects like the one to develop the new Mexico City international airport.

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