Solvent- and Water-Based Rust Preventatives

Birchwood Technologies offers 12 solvent- and water-based rust prevention products which deter rust and corrosion on all metal products.

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Birchwood Technologies offers manufacturers twelve different aqueous and solvent-based inhibitors and sealants to prevent rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces. 

  • Different product formulations allow for variables such as type of metal surface in question, level of protection needed and conditions of exposure
  • Special considerations such as removability and post-treatment operations should be considered in selection of correct product
  • Solvent-based products offer up to 120 hours of salt spray protection for various metal surfaces
  • Rust inhibitors are graded based on performance in ASTM B117 Salt Spray Testing and/or ASTM D1748 Humidity Testing
  • Achieves protective coatings with a slightly oily water-displacing film, a dry-to-touch non-oily sealant or a soft-waxy self-healing film
  • Two solvent-based products are also available in high flash point, low-VOC versions for areas with sensitive air quality requirements
  • Water-based products offer up to 48 hours of salt spray protection and provide wide range of protection levels and surface appearance 
  • Water-dilutable oil, satin-gloss acrylic wax, high-gloss urethane polymer sealant, and high-gloss acrylic polymer emulsion are included in water-based product line    
  • Aqueous products have minimal VOC content and no flash point
  • All twelve products are available in 5 gallon and 55 gallon quantities 
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