PPG ENVIROCRON Extreme Protection Edge Powder Coatings

The PPG ENVIROCRON Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings offer one-coat edge protection for metal parts subjected to extreme environments.


PPG announces the launch of PPG ENVIROCRON Extreme Protection Edge coatings, which use a patent-pending, advanced powder coatings technology that delivers exceptional edge corrosion protection in one coat.

  • Specially formulated to cover sharp edges created during metal fabrication
  • Provides coverage that surpasses standard one-coat and two-coat powder systems
  • Direct-to-metal coatings which are fully reclaimable and deliver savings in material, labor, utilities and time
  • Requires no primer, and applicators do not need to modify existing coatings lines or add equipment to use
  • Applicators can save capital costs by avoiding the need to finish edges with mechanical edge rounding or blasting equipment
  • Helps extend product lifecycle
  • Available in full range of standard and custom-matched colors, including mica and metallics
  • Can be applied using manual and automatic powder coating systems


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