Heat-Reflective Coatings for Suspension Systems

Lord Corp.'s heat-reflective coatings for automotive suspension systems offer protection against has environmental elements.

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LORD Corporation – a global developer of rubber-to-metal bonding adhesives for industrial and automotive markets – has announced the availability of Heat-Reflective Coatings (HRCs).

  • For use on automotive suspension systems
  • Reflects radiant heat and provides protection against ozone and fluids, such as oil and gas
  • Reduces degradation rate of automotive elastomeric components and lengthens service life
  • Applications include use on exhaust hangers, engine mounts, body mounts, C.V. boots, transmission mounts, cam covers, exhaust intake manifolds and valve covers
  • Withstands harsh environmental conditions
  • Provides resistance to fuels, aggressive oils and solvents
  • Offers cost-effectiveness by enabling bulk of the part to be produced with low-cost materials then coated with HRC for environmental resistance
  • Eliminates need for heat shields on engine compartments, reducing weight
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