LUMICLAD Zero-Discharge Black Oxide Finish

Birchwood Technologies introduces LUMICLAD, a zero-discharge black oxide finish for aluminum fasteners and hardware.

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LUMICLAD is Birchwood Technologies' latest in-house method for bulk blackening aluminum fasteners and hardware. It's a zero-discharge process that forms a protective, non-dimensional black oxide finish on all aluminum surfaces.

  • Clean, durable and tightly adherent to metal substrates
  • Well suited for all varieties of aluminum fasteners and hardware including metric and standard sizes
  • Forms uniform coating thickness of .000060 in. (1.5 micron)
  • Will not close down hole diameters, change or clog thread dimensions
  • Features inherent lubricity that can aid in fastener operation
  • 30-minute process without operating complexities of anodizing
  • Contains no EPA regulated chemicals, so there is usually no need for waste treatment
  • Rinse waters are considered sewerable as non-hazardous effluent, simplifying installation and minimizes capital investment to set up an in-house process line
  • Utilizes conventional immersion tank process line
  • Easy and safe to operate so fastener manufacturers can operate it in-house themselves, eliminating need for outside processing
  • Complete, turnkey systems are available in 5 gallon, 40 gallon, 100 gallon and larger to handle all sizes and quantities of parts
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