No. 839 Electric Walk-In Oven

The Grieve Corporation introduces its No. 839 electric walk-in oven which reaches a high temperature of 850 F for heat treating and paint baking applications.

Paintbakeoven 10624830

No. 839 is an electrically-heated, 850°F walk-in oven from Grieve, currently used for heat treating and high-temperature batch paint baking. 

  • Workspace measures 72 in. W x 120 in. D x 72 in. H
  • Includes 120 kW Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements
  • 12,500 CFM, 10 hp recirculating blower provides a combination horizontal/vertical airflow to workload
  • Features aluminized steel exterior and interior with 7 in. thick insulated walls, plus 4 in. thick insulated floor with built-in truck wheel guide tracks
  • Inner and outer door gaskets are provided, with inner gasket sealing against door plug, while outer gasket seals directly against front face of oven
  • Includes all safety equipment required by NFPA Standard 86 for handling flammable solvents,
  • Comes with explosion-venting door hardware, powered forced exhauster air flow safety switch and purge timer
  • Features recording and programming temperature controller with separate contactors and recirculating blower air flow safety switch
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