Birchwood Technologies' TRU TEMP Offers Alternative to Paint Finishes

Birchwood Technologies' TRU TEMP finish offers equipment manufacturers an alternative to paint when protecting working parts.

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When paint is too thick and impedes off-highway equipment operation, manufacturers are turning to the non-dimensional TRU TEMP black finish to protect working parts.

Providing rust protection and an attractive appearance, TRU TEMP is the choice of leading off-highway equipment manufacturers for critical operating components. Users include tractor, trencher, backhoe and grader manufacturers who apply this finish successfully on precision machined surfaces, such as PTO components, spline shafts, augers, universal joints, couplings, valves and similar components.

The TRU TEMP process produces a durable, satin black magnetite coating 20 millionths thick (0.5 micron) with no effect on component hardness or tensile strength. Equally important, working components on off-highway equipment when finished with TRU TEMP have a quality appearance. The finish withstands up to 100 to 200 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B 117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTM D 1748), verified by independent testing. The TRU TEMP finish is RoHS and Mil Spec compliant, and provides robust corrosion protection for warehouse storage, shipment or dealer inventory.

The patented TRU TEMP process utilizes a unique two-stage oxidation process that allows for the use of milder chemicals and much lower temperatures (90 degrees lower) than the ordinary black. By comparison, the conventional 290 F hot oxide has a severe splattering and boilover tendency, making it extremely dangerous to operate. Other phosphate processes cause hydrogen embrittlement and etching of the metal surfaces. Not the case with TRU TEMP. It operates effectively with mild alkaline chemistry that does not embrittle metal or create unsightly salt bloom in and around part recessed areas.

Most important to today’s environmentally aware manufacturers is that the TRU TEMP solutions contain no EPA regulated chemicals. There is usually no need for waste treatment equipment. In most areas, TRU TEMP rinse waters are sewerable as non-hazardous discharge. This benefit simplifies the installation and minimizes the capital investment needed to set up the process line.

Additional TRU TEMP advantages include short processing time of just 25 minutes, and operating cost (including chemical and heating cost) averages only $0.12 to $0.15 per pound of finished work. Small parts can be processed in bulk loads or larger parts finished on racks. Most existing tank lines can be retrofitted for TRU TEMP at low cost. New process lines are available from Birchwood Technologies including manual and automated systems in all sizes.