DS1007 PPC Processor Board

dSPACE introduces its DS1007 PPC Processor Board for the development of control systems.

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dSPACE has introduced a processor board for real-time systems, the DS1007 PPC Processor Board.

  • Handles demanding computing requirements for developing control systems for complex modern applications such as electric drives, autonomous systems and vehicles, active noise suppression, etc.
  • Includes PowerPC architecture based on dual-core, 2 GHz processor QorlQ P5020 by Freescale
  • Features parallel interface between the I/O peripherals and computing cores that allows fast I/O access with very low latencies
  • Parallel I/O access of the QorIQ processor results in higher maximum closed-loop sampling rates despite less computing power  
  • Simulink models are configured via the graphical user interface provided by Real-Time Interface for Multiprocessor Systems
  • Makes it easy to partition and distribute complex control algorithm models onto the two processor cores for optimal performance
  • Simplifies data transfer between parts of the application distributed across the cores, allowing focus on control algorithm development rather than managing computation complexity for faster product development 
  • Gigabit Ethernet interfaces enable high-speed data transfer with the host PC and other Ethernet-based devices
  • Comes with USB interface for long-term data acquisition via a USB interface
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