3D Systems Announces Product Name Changes

3D Systems has announced name changes to several of its 3D engineering software products.

Together with 3D Systems' brethren Geomagic, Sensable and Alibre, the company is reinventing the engineer’s desktop with comprehensive scan-to-production toolsets for data capture, scan processing, 3D design, organic 3D modeling, haptic input, manufacturing preparation and 3D printing.

In bringing its software together in one powerful family, and to highlight the capabilities of each product, the company is taking this opportunity to consolidate its brand into one well-known and respected name, Geomagic Solutions.

The Rapidform products being used today will only change in name. Customers will see some immediate aesthetic changes on the company's website and materials; in the coming months, there will be some changes in naming on the software itself. But the capabilities, quality, technical and sales support, and Rapidform dedication will remain the same.

Specific name changes include:

  • Rapidform XOR is now called Geomagic Design X
  • Rapidform XOV is now called Geomagic Verify
  • Rapidform XOS is now called Geomagic XOS