EPLAN to Host Virtual Engineering Fair

EPLAN's Virtual Engineering Fair will feature live presentations and a virtual exhibition space.

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EPLAN’s digital engineering fair is back bigger and better, providing the global engineering community with a 12-hour window on Tuesday, March 21 to watch live presentations and consult with specialists about EPLAN software solutions. In North America, the Virtual Engineering Fair portal will be open from 3 a.m.-3 p.m. EDT, accessible online, free, using personal computers, tablets or smartphones. Current EPLAN users as well as those of sister company CIDEON are invited to participate along with anyone else who wants to learn more about their products. Just register and log in. Find out more and pre-register

The Virtual Engineering Fair is set up similarly to a real trade show, with an entry hall with pathways branching off to virtual exhibition spaces. At its heart is an auditorium where attendees can watch various live presentations. In another virtual space there will be WebEx demos of real software products that attendees can tune in to. A highlight of the fair will be a joint presentation by EPLAN and CIDEON on the House of Mechatronics – featuring their cloud-based communication and information platform Syngineer, where EPLAN electrical P8 users can collaborate in real time with mechanical and controls engineers in a common project.

Among the other featured presentations will be a preview of the new EPLAN Cogineer, as well as shop-floor solutions in control cabinet engineering. Topics in the area of ERP/PDM integration and new EPLAN Data Portal features also will be discussed. A team of EPLAN and CIDEON experts will be available for live chatting in all important national languages. Many EPLAN manufacturing partners will have their own presence at the Virtual Fair.