New Eagle Raptor 2019a

The latest release the Raptor suite of eMBD tools include CAN queue improvements and enhanced support for third-party calibration tools.

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New Eagle announces the next major release of its Raptor embedded Model-Based Development (eMBD) tools, Raptor 2019a.

  • Improvements apply to Raptor-Dev, Raptor-Cal, Raptor-CAN, and Raptor-Test Raptor Logo

Raptor-Dev 2019a

  • BCM48: CAN queue improvements, EEPROM driver enhancements, added Duty Cycle measurements for frequency inputs
  • GCM/ECM196: enhanced Application Monitor functionality, added redundant EEPROM capability, CAN2/3 robustness fixes, added J1939 support
  • GCM80: CAN queue improvements, CAN messaging fixes, added J1939 support
  • Displays: Updated default EEPROM storage logic, startup display improvements
  • Enhanced support for third-party calibration tools
  • Fault Manager enhancements
  • Improvements to the DBC CAN message blocks

Raptor-Cal 2019a

  • Transfer-Cals improvements
  • Stripchart autoscaling
  • Additional settings for compatibility with J1939
  • Resolved issues with Fault Manager support for Motohawk ECUs
  • Stability and performance enhancements

Raptor-CAN 2019a

  • Support for multi-bus simulation
  • Floating-point simulation precision fixes
  • Gateway function tool will now pass through new messages after initialization
  • Installer robustness improvements
  • Licensing updates

Raptor-Test 2019a

  • Improved initial ECU connection time
  • Added support for GCM70 and GCM80
  • Added additional script actions (Reflash, VerifyRunningSoftware, CANChannelUpdate)
  • Fixed enum variable handling
  • Custom plugin interface enhancements
  • Improved RPG file version migration
  • Licensing updates
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