SKF SimPro Quick Single-Shaft Bearing Simulation Software

SKF SimPro Quick is an easy-to-use software program to help engineers evaluate bearing arrangements.


SKF SimPro Quick single-shaft bearing simulation software was developed to quickly evaluate the design of bearing arrangements and their field performance based on relevant application requirements and conditions.

  • Provides designers with more SKF engineering knowledge and autonomy to accelerate their design process and optimize selection of bearings
  • Features simple and easy user interface
  • Enables customers to select bearings directly from SKF’s new Rolling Bearings Catalogue 17000, ensuring the latest updates are taken into account
  • Gives customers numerous options for designing an optimal bearing arrangement, everything from two bearings on a shaft to as many bearings as required
  • Building a complete model requires only a few steps
  • After users work through the initial steps and complete a model, an option is provided to run a single data set analysis (single analysis) or to run several conditions (load cycle analysis) based on the defined operating boundaries
  • Output of the analysis includes several data tables and visuals that enable users to create preferred template set-up for a report
  • Typical tables show, e.g., bearing loads, operating internal clearances, friction, misalignment, deflection and SKF rating life as well as a modified rating life according ISO/TS 16281:2008
  • Defines conditions where bearings may experience lower service life compared with calculated fatigue life
  • Excessive misalignment, insufficient loading, overloading and an excessive running speed are warnings that are provided if operating conditions are violating any recommended conditions
  • Other tables in the output provide important details about relubrication intervals, operating clearance, bearing defect frequencies and gear forces
  • Visual plots and animations add to the level of result details
  • Three-dimensional animation is included to examine roller pressure distribution in the bearing and boundary conditions’ impact on shaft and bearing movement

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