Siemens Simcenter 3D 2021

The latest edition of Simcenter 3D includes 2D and 3D automatic insertion of cracks or cohesive zones in materials to better evaluate designs.

Simcenter3 D Audio
Siemens Digital Industries Software

  • Features new enhancements to AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven user experience, new simulation types as well as refinements in accuracy and enhanced performance speed
  • Includes full representative volume element (RVE) separation and 2D and 3D automatic insertion of cracks or cohesive zones in materials
  • Macro and microstructural models now allow for full mesh separation for a crack to propagate completely through a material
  • Auralization post-processing tool allows users to listen to simulated pressure results to evaluate sound quality
  • Acoustics engineers can hear the noise produced from various vibrating components or products as opposed to having to visually evaluate through charts or graphs
  • Thermal analysis capabilities have been scaled into a vertical solution for mold designers and design engineers
  • NX Mold Cooling product uses Simcenter 3D technology to rapidly set up and simulate thermal performance of an injection mold insert directly in NX while designing a mold, enabling easy and rapid thermal analysis of injection mold designs without having to wait for expert analyst feedback
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