finite element analysis (FEA) software

General contact in Abaqus/Standard 6.8-EF greatly simplifies contact definition for complex models with many interacting parts. For example, an engineer can use this capability to understand the realistic behavior of an automobile hydraulic clu

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Dassault Systèmes offers Abaqus 6.8 Extended Functionality (6.8-EF), its finite element analysis (FEA) software suite from SIMULIA.
• General contact implementation in Abaqus/Standard offers a simplified and automated method for defining contact interactions; useful for a diverse range of applications, such as transmission and brake assemblies (or understand the realistic behavior of an hydraulic clutch assembly, shown)
• New Abaqus/CAE modeling techniques for spot welds and fasteners allow users to create attachment points that follow a model edge or conform to a regular pattern
• Low-density foam model in Abaqus/Explicit enables automotive engineers to simulate energy-absorbing materials in crash applications
• Selective subcycling feature in Abaqus/Explicit helps engineers in defense and shipbuilding evaluate the realistic behavior of very large structures
• Enhanced SolidWorks Associative Interface provides geometry transfer and maintains relationship between SolidWorks and Abaqus models

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