dSPACE's MotionDesk enables designers to create simulations of real-world scenarios to test how vehicles systems will react in various situations.

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MotionDesk supplements the dSPACE tool chain and visualizes the movement of mechanical objects in the 3D world. The revised version is so realistic that it can be used to develop and test the most advanced intelligent mechatronic systems – especially cutting-edge driver assistance systems (ADAS).

  • Reads the data from the dSPACE Simulator in real time and displays the animation of the moving objects (for example, vehicle, wheels, steering wheel) online
  • Can choose the perspectives and render modes for graphical representation to gives a clear understanding of how the simulated objects actually behave
  • Animations can be stored as experiment and AVI video files to document and illustrate your developments
  • Makes it possible through simulation to systematically test system functionality in complex scenarios and in exactly reproducible situations
  • Rendering engine guarantees more detailed and realistic visualization and can render complex scenes at a steady rate of 60 images per second
  • Can simulate varying weather conditions such as rain and snow
  • Versatile design options and a reliable, stable high frame rate ensure realistic simulation
  • Provides everything required for visualization in a single user interface
  • Scene creation is intuitive with 3-D Scene Editor
  • Includes extensive 3-D object library surrounding the scene (with browser and keyword search for speed and convenience) and allows users to position objects in the scene
  • Size, position and rotation of each object can be edited however required
  • Users can also group objects to make their work more efficient, and integrate their own COLLADA- or VRML2-compliant objects
  • Projects created with an older MotionDesk version can run directly on lateste version, and users can choose between the conventional and the 3-D view
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