RapidPro System

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Dspace 10055308

The modules for the dSPACE RapidPro system, PS-HCFBD 1/2 (DS1767) and PS-HCHBD 2/2 (DS1768), can be configured entirely by software.

  • Support the control of DC motors and stepper motors, as well as brushless motors such as BLDC motors and synchronous motors
  • Peak currents of up to 60A and continuous 42A can be reached
  • Flexibly configurable output stage of the PS-HCHBD 2/2 (DS1768) can be run in either low-side or high-side driver mode
  • Provides signal conditioning and power stages for connecting automotive sensors and actuators to dSPACE prototyping systems
  • Modules for various sensors and actuators are also available]
  • Not yet available in the United States
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