SCALEXiO Hardware-in-the-Loop Software

dSPACE has updated its SCALEXiO hardware-in-the-loop technology to offer more functions and failure simulation capabilities.

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The latest version of dSPACE's SCALEXiO, its hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) technology, provides additional functionality, supporting SAE J2716 SENT 2010 (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) and Ethernet protocols.

  • Offers flexible and scalable failure simulation licensing scheme
  • Includes SAE standard J2716 SENT 2010, SENT In and SENT Out to simulate and capture sensor SENT data communication for ECU software validation and testing
  • supports real-time use of the Ethernet protocol enabling direction connection of devices communicating over Ethernet via an interface in SCALEXIO’s Processing Unit
  • I/O functions are configured graphically with dSPACE ConfigurationDesk
  • Using single hardware license, failure simulation capability can be activated for any number of existing I/O channels  
  • Same license can be used consecutively on different systems for flexibility and adaptability, allowing functional or diagnostic testing without pre-assigned hardware configurations
  • Flexible component design allows each system to be built precisely to any desired configuration
  • Completely software-configurable
  • Hardware and software concept supports division of tasks such as hardware configuration and plant modeling
  • Component test systems and network systems are both built with common hardware components allowing use of subsystems of a network system for component testing
  • Standardized component design and connections, and hardware modules can be installed in any slot, making it easy to set up a system
  • All channels are configured graphically, enabling system documentation automatically, enabling initial system implementation and later modifications and redesigns
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