dSPACE's SCALEXIO LabBox is compact enough to fit on developers' workspace and provides slots for up to 18 I/O boards.

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With the SCALEXIO LabBox, dSPACE offers a compact, high-performance system for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) tests. T

  • Fits on every desk and can be used for early function tests right at developers’ workplace
  • Provides slots for up to 18 I/O boards which can be conveniently replaced at front side of the box
  • More LabBoxes or Processing Units can be added by users if more I/O or computing power is needed
  • Connects to Processing Unit via dSPACE-proprietary IOCNET network technology which was developed and optimized specifically to meet requirements of real-time applications
  • I/O boards cover entire range of functions, from simple digital or analog I/O, to complex I/O functions for engine simulation and automotive bus systems
  • Boards can be configured in dSPACE ConfigurationDesk, making it possible to quickly modify system according to changing project requirements and decrease iteration times
  • Configurations created in ConfigurationDesk can be reused later with larger SCALEXIO HIL simulators 



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