Exa Corp. PowerINSIGHT 2.0

PowerINSIGHT 2.0 from Exa Corp. provides rapid, real-time, side-by-side comparisons of designs which engineers can evaluate in a single, common environment.

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Exa Corporation has launched an upgrade to its results generation, analysis and reporting program PowerINSIGHT 2.0.

  • Allows users to optimize product performance early in the development process by automating analysis and sharing of simulation results — fostering improved collaboration between engineering and design teams
  • Enables rapid, real-time, side-by-side comparison of results from multiple runs, and efficiently packages content
  • Processes terabytes of big data and automatically generates reports and PowerPoint presentations that include compelling renderings and animations of the simulation results
  • Simulation data can be shared immediately, enhancing early-stage communication and collaboration
  • Provides common visual environment that allows users to demonstrate the true impact of their design alternatives
  • Simulates fluid flow, aeroacoustics and heat transfer
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