Lattice3D XVL: How manufacturers are leveraging the 3D CAD data to lower costs, improve quality and accelerate time-to-market

Lattice Technology provides an end-to-end solution from authoring to sharing of 3D-based product data for collaboration and technical documentation.

Lattice Xvl Whitepaper

Executive Overview

XVL solutions from Lattice Technology are for companies that have large, complex designs in 3D CAD and would like to increase their use of this data into downstream functions beyond product development; for instance, into manufacturing, technical documentation and service. 

There are two sides to XVL, the authoring of content directly from the 3D CAD models and the consumption (or usage) of this content. Authoring includes use cases for creating manufacturing Bills of Materials (mBOMs) to validating assembly processes to creating detailed interactive work instructions. Consumption enables secure access to interactive model data for all downstream stakeholders through standard web browsers, Microsoft® Excel®, dynamic web pages and more, which are all free to the person viewing the data for use cases such as design reviews, shop floor assembly work instructions and service instructions.

By using XVL, your company can provide unprecedented, secure access to 3D model data representing the entire product, regardless of the originating CAD system (even combining data from multiple CAD system formats). Productivity is increased for everyone who needs access to the 3D model without burdening the engineering department to assist them. Quality is increased because the actual 3D model data can be leveraged directly by those in the product delivery value chain; from planning and validating the assembly process to technical manuals and parts identification for reordering.