Kenworth Introduces New Aero Advantage Fairing for T680

Kenworth's new Aero Advantage Fairing provides better airflow for fuel economy gains of up to 1%.

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The Kenworth Aero Advantage Fairing is now available for order with the T680 Advantage and the 76-in. high- and mid-roof sleepers.

The new Kenworth Aero Advantage Fairing flares out to better direct airflow around the rear wheels and allows for better packaging. The new design also provides for an optional under-sleeper fuel fill, which enables fuel tanks to be moved forward while reducing the trailer gap and wheelbase to further enhance aerodynamics. With that added room, customers who want to install their own APUs can do so behind the optimized aero fairing.

“We continue to innovate and develop enhancements that will provide incremental fuel economy gains for Kenworth customers,” says Jason Skoog, Kenworth Assistant General Manager for Sales and Marketing. “Our new Kenworth Aero Advantage Fairing for the Kenworth T680 Advantage and 76-in. high- and mid-roof sleepers is just another example. It can provide up to a 1% fuel economy gain*, and reinforces Kenworth’s best-in-class positioning when it comes to aerodynamics.”

*Individual fuel economy improvement will vary depending on use, road conditions and other factors.