Iveco Presents Z TRUCK Concept at IAA 2016

Iveco's Z TRUCK concept features a waste heat recovery system, improved aerodynamics and produces virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions.

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Iveco, a brand of CNH Industrial, presented its world premiere IVECO Z TRUCK at the 2016 IAA Show in Hannover, Germany. IAA is the commercial vehicle industry’s leading international trade show, taking place every two years. This long-haul concept truck breaks away from every constraint to be a zero-impact vehicle for a totally sustainable transport system.

The IVECO Z TRUCK concept, designed in collaboration by CNH Industrial’s Design Center and Innovation department, takes a step into the future by anticipating the way alternative energy, new technologies and automated driving will change the role of a driver. It is shaped by its enhanced aerodynamics, improved safety and the aim of creating a new living cab space. Its pioneering approach has resulted in this concept being protected by 29 patents.

It is based on a heavy truck running on Bio-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) with conformable tanks, enhanced aerodynamics and a waste heat recovery system, to deliver long-haul transport with autonomy of 2,200 km and virtually zero CO2 emissions.

The zero concept carries through to other elements of the truck including zero accidents through the advanced use of automated driving technologies, which defines how new technologies and autonomous driving will change the role of the driver into an on-board logistics operator.

The driver-centered design aims to achieve zero stress and zero waste of time. The cab is freed from traditional constraints to be reconfigured according to the different uses (driving, automated driving, office work, rest) and the HMI (Human Machine Interface) to adapt the way it provides information as needed – the right information, at the right time, in the right place.