HiVol Water Tanks

Philippi-Hagenbuch introduces its line of HiVol Water Tanks, designed optimize capacity and enhance travel safety.

Philippi Hagenbuch Hivolwater 10737262

Specifically developed with a safety focus, Philippi-Hagenbuch’s line of patented HiVol Water Tanks provide a unique design that optimizes capacity and enhances travel safety.

  • Built for any make or model of off-highway truck
  • Offers low weight and high carrying capacity, up to 60,000 gallons 
  • Features nominal yield of 180,000 psi and corresponding Brinell hardness of 450
  • Made from abrasion-resistant, superior-grade steel that enables long-lasting durability
  • Patented fluid baffling system stops water surges from back to front and provides full-height/full-length/full-center Bacbone structure that eliminates surging from side to side
  • Series of compartments eliminates any occurrence of surging, providing maximum stability at all normal haul speeds
  • Square corners and internal water deflectors slow water churn within individual compartments, eliminating instability and potential for unharnessed energy to turn truck on its side
  • Incorporates full-size exterior and interior access doors as well as access points on top of tank to minimize confined space issues and provide easy access for maintenance
  • All interior access doors provide rustproof pivots and allow easy flow of clean air and natural light throughout entire tank
  • Flat top design helps eliminate potential falls by enabling easy walking when filling or maintaining tank
  • Rear-mounted spray heads, an optional remote controlled water cannon and individual in-cab component controls ensure precise yet simplified water control
  • Horizontal spray heads operate independently, allowing users to utilize any or all spray heads at the same time and offer multiple settings from wide to narrow for added versatility
  • Remote controlled water cannon enables operator to disperse water with precise control and accuracy from 150 to 200 ft. away
  • Soft-start/soft-stop system allows starting and stopping of water pump at any engine rpm
  • Fully customizable to any make or model of off-highway articulated and rigid frame truck
  • Insulated version available for cold weather applications



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