Multi-Max F1000 Engine Coolant Heater Control

Espar Heater Systems introduces its latest control system for engine coolant heaters, the Multi-Max F1000.

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Espar Heater Systems announces the release of the Multi-Max F1000, which serves the needs of the Hydronic line of Engine Coolant heaters. 

  • Provides complete control over fleets’ pre-heat coolant heaters
  • Eliminates need to rely on drivers to properly program and run vehicle’s coolant heater
  • Features desktop programmer and Micro SD card slot for tamper-proof control of heater's operating parameters based on each vehicle’s individual work schedule
  • Allows programming of heater in less than five minutes
  • Enables programming of as many as four distinct events per day, each with a different start and finish time, triggered on whatever day of the week vehicle is in use
  • Includes High Temperature Disable set point, Maximum Manual Run-time, Low Voltage Disable set point, PM Interval and Exercise Scheduler
  • One or multiple vehicles' heaters can be programmed through the Micro SD card slot
  • Helps prevent unnecessary idling, needless engine wear-and-tear, wasted time, and wasted fuel
  • Diagnostic indicator, a tri-colored LED light with a simple flash code, notifies drivers when heater needs  routine or unscheduled attention
  • Flashing code tells  maintenance personnel fault code causing heater problems, allowing quick and accurate diagnosis of service issue 
  • Includes on-button on/off control
  • Will not lose settings if disconnected from power source


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