AirFlow Catalyst Systems, Inc.

Rochester, NY 14623

Company Overview

Reinventing diesel emissions control systems. EZCat and MinNoCat -- unique passively regenerating filtration systems that remove CO, HC, DPM. Benefits: ALMOST NO downtime and limited maintenance. Also offering EZDoc, custom coatings.

Company Details
2144 Brighton Henrietta Townline Rd
Suite 700
Rochester, NY 14623
Phone:585-295-1510 x224

AirFlow Catalyst Systems is reinventing diesel exhaust emissions control systems. AirFlow has developed diesel emissions control systems that operate very efficiently.  Our portfolio includes Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (EZDOC and MinNoDOC), and Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (EZCat and MinNoCAT), custom washcoat or catalyst coatings, and customer catalystic test design and test resources.


Our "EZ" line of products are very effective at low temperature operations, eliminating CO, HCs and soot (20% for DOCs and 93% for CDPF).  Our "MinNo" line effectively manages NO2, reducing to less than 50% of engine out levels in most conditions.  Our passive systems allow for efficient operations and minimize downtime.


Our EZCat and MinNoCat products have are Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) listed.


Our customer service, state of the art facilities, flexible applications and first-class engineering expertise make us the right partner for your diesel mining equipment applications as well as other applications like generator sets.  Contact us for a consultation and a customized emissions control solution for your diesel equipment exhaust systems.

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