Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (CDPFs)

AirFlow Catalyst announces its catalyzed diesel particulate filter (CDPF)/NO2 device, the EZCat.

AirFlow's CDPF solutions
AirFlow's CDPF solutions
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Our CDPF solutions reduce DPM and gaseous emissions (HC, CO) from off-highway diesel engines.  Targeted applications in mines, stationary generators, marine and locomotive. 

The EZCat system operates efficiently at low temperatures and without expensive controls.   MSHA Listed with a Filter Efficiency of 93%.  Highly effective at reducing CO and HCs. Target T30 is 325C.

Our MinNoCat system is very effective at reducing DPM and managing NO2.  NO2 levels are often more than 50% below engine out.  This solution is MSHA Listed with a filter efficiency of 95%.  The MinNoCat is also highly effective at reducing CO and HCs.  Target T30 is 400C.

The solutions can be designed for OEM installation during the design stage, or retrofit by the end user.  Our applications engineers are available for sizing and design support, as well as on-site support during installation and start-up.

Our goal is to fit your equipment properly so the filter solutoins operate passively as much as possible to give you operational efficiencies and maintenance cost savings.

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