AirFlow Catalyst Systems Releases Improved Version of MinNoDOC Emissions Control System

AirFlow's MinNoDOC is a passive diesel emissions control system which oxidizes Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen Dioxide.

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AirFlow Catalyst Systems announces the global release of its newly improved MinNoDOC passive diesel emissions control product. The MinNoDOC solution utilizes custom catalytic formulations to provide oxidation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbons (HC) as well as the unmatched removal of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).

NO2 is of particular concern in enclosed spaces, like underground mines where traditional diesel fueled equipment like loaders, LHDs, drills and generators continuously operate. AirFlow developed the MinNo Series of diesel emissions solutions to address this concern in underground mines, especially coal and salt mines

There are two types of MinNo (NO2 reducing) solutions offered by AirFlow – MinNoDOC is a diesel oxidation catalyst targeting CO, HCs and NO2 while MinNoCat is a catalyzed diesel particulate filter that reduces CO, HCs, NO2 and DPM (soot) at a very efficient rate over 95%. These solutions, along with the EZ Series, clean up air in deep mines and headers where ventilation may be less than desired to protect worker health.

“Our company is creative, nimble and able to respond quickly with unmatched customer service,” says Umbereen Mustafa, Business Development Director of AirFlow. “Our strength lies in our proprietary wash coats, their high performance, ability to coat a wide variety of substrates, and our industry tested product performance and service. We are retrofit experts that are willing to work with you to find and design the best solution to keep your equipment running while cleaning p the environment for your workers.”

AirFlow’s products are built for durability – internal components are made from metal or silicon carbide materials and the exterior of its cans is heavy gauge stainless steel.page2image7672