Thermo 90 ST Water Heater

Webasto's Thermo 90 St water heater has the ability to pre-heat engines, preventing coldstarts and increasing the life of an engine.

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The versatile and high-performance Thermo 90 ST water heater from Webasto warms driver and sleep cabins to the perfect temperatures and pre-heats mid to large-sized engines.

  • Prevents coldstarts and increases operational life expectancy of engine
  • Provides comfortable warmth during resting periods
  • Eliminates idling, which reduces costs, CO2 emissions and consumption of fuel
  • Offers high operational readiness of vehicles even at low temperatures
  • Able to diagnose which part of unit is in need of maintenance
  • Operates in temperature range of -40 C to 80 C
  • Military variant of diesel heating unit is available with protected controlling unit, protected pump, as well as protected cables
  • Works with various military fuel types
  • Includes controlling unit for easy turning on and off as well as temperature pre-setting for programming up to three  starting times and setting alarms
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