Champion Bridge Spark Plug

Federal-Mogul's Champion dual iridium bridge spark plug was designed to meet the high pressure and corrosive conditions of alternatively fueled industrial engines.

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Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed a more durable spark plug for use in gas-powered industrial engines. The Champion dual iridium bridge plug design extends electrode life by three times compared to current J-gap spark plugs.

  • Offers significantly improved durability and thermal performance
  • Features large electrodes and a dual-heat path through bridge to improve heat extraction and reduce electrode wear rates 
  • Reduces wear by providing more than twice the surface area of conventional J-electrode
  • Large center electrode diameter and ground electrode strap create a gap firing surface area of more than 11 sq. mm, 150% larger than conventional J-gap products
  • Greater surface area combined with dual iridium/rhodium electrode discs minimize wear often caused by electrical erosion and chemical corrosion
  • Well suited for us in alternative fuel engines
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