Engenity ThermEvolve DC Thermostat-Controlled Heating Products

ThermEvolve thermostat-controlled heating products from Engenity are capable of heating components to their desired operating temperature in five minutes or less.

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Engenity's ThermEvolve is the industry’s first 12V/24V DC thermostat-controlled heating products for thawing and freeze-prevention of diesel engine components on off-road equipment used in harsh environments down to -40 C.

  • Includes temperature-controlled heated hoses and heating jackets designed to prevent performance problems due to frozen diesel-engine components
  • Well suited for oil and gas, mining, construction and other demanding cold-weather operations
  • Safely thaws frozen components faster and with lower power consumption than traditional uncontrolled heating approaches   
  • Provides all-in-one heater, temperature controller and insulator package engineered to each application’s requirements
  • Takes components from -50 C to the desired operating temperature in no more than five minutes
  • Heated hoses incorporate virtually any customer-specified hose plus a resistive heater, fast-acting temperature control and EPDM closed-cell foam insulation suitable for operating temperatures up to 150 C
  • Offers economical option for projects requiring multiple hose types and low volumes
  • Hose diameters available as small as 6 mm and in lengths from 0.3 to 10 m
  • Heating jackets consising of tailored-to-task electric heating element, temperature control and a form-fitted, closed-cell polyamide foam insulator that can withstand operating temperatures up to 190 C is also available


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