Kirloskar Oil Engines Signs Agreement to Bring Products to North America

Kirloskar has partnered with Origins Engines to gasify Kirloskar's heavy-duty engines and certify them for use in the North American market.

KOEL Americas Corp.

KOEL Americas Corp., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. (KOEL) from India, has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Origins Engines. Under this agreement, Origin will gasify Kirloskar’s 16L V-8, 20L V-10 and 24L V-12 diesel engines. This relationship enhances Origin Engines’ gas engine line with a heavy-duty gasified product line capable of up to 500 kW (670.5 hp) power.

The companies signed the agreement during POWERGEN 2019. (Left to Right: Vinay Kulkarni, Shrikant Pataskar, Shawn Sterling, Atul Kirloskar, Kavas Mistry, Gauri Kirloskar & Pete Stout)The companies signed the agreement during POWERGEN 2019. (Left to Right: Vinay Kulkarni, Shrikant Pataskar, Shawn Sterling, Atul Kirloskar, Kavas Mistry, Gauri Kirloskar & Pete Stout)

Atul Kirloskar, Executive Chairman of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd., was present during the announcement of this partnership at the POWERGEN Show and said, “This partnership with Origin Engines for gasifying our DV series engines is another step towards our long-term commitment to the U.S. market and we’re excited about our strategic entry in the U.S. gas engine industry.”  He added, “This is an important step towards Kirloskar being a global engine manufacturer and achieving our Vision.”

This exclusive relationship with Kirloskar is one where Origin Engines will be responsible for the gasification, EPA Certification and packaging of Kirloskar’s V8, V10 and V12 engines. In addition the Kirloskar product offering will allow Origin to provide a comprehensive 30-500 kW (40.2-670.5 hp) product offering to its customers.

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturing of both air-cooled and liquid-cooled diesel engines. The company is consistently adapting and evolving its business strategies based on modern technology adoption, systematic operations, customized processes and developing a culture to drive positive results across all its business verticals.  Over the years, the Kirloskar brand has become synonymous with trust, quality, assurance and customer delight. Delivering highest quality at every stage in its business is the cornerstone of Kirloskar’s business strategy and a promise that it delivers each day.

Shawn Sterling, President, Origin Engines, said, “We’re certainly pleased as we’ve been looking for a strategic partner to help us expand our product offering and power range and we’re happy to announce we have one.” He further added, “This will be a game changer.”

Sterling went on to explain, “We have researched and discussed potential partnerships with many diesel engine manufacturers, and it was obvious that Kirloskar’s commitment to quality and the customer was above others.”

Kavas Mistry, Corporate Director of KOEL Americas Corp., said while signing the agreement, “This takes the Kirloskar name even further into the global theater. While Kirloskar has established itself as a major player in diesel engines, this step forward with Origin Engines will only enhance and establish its presence in the Western Hemisphere.” He further added,  “These engines are world class, of impeccable quality and carry state-of-the-art level of reliability and endurance.”