PSI Completes China GB IV Emission Certification

PSI has achieved China GB IV certification for its 4.8 L V8 gasoline engine, becoming the first non-automotive engine manufacturer from outside China to be listed as a Manufacturer of Record.

Power Solutions International Inc. (PSI), a leader in the design, engineer and manufacture of emissions-certified, alternative-fuel power systems, has achieved China GB IV for the heavy-duty gasoline emission standard of China after successfully completing emission and durability testing for its 4.8-L, V8 gasoline engine at China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC). CATARC is the independent research institution tasked with carrying out the standardization, technical regulation, testing and inspection of vehicles and on-road engines required by China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

With the completion of the emission certification test, PSI becomes the first non-automotive engine manufacturer from outside China to be listed as "Manufacturer of Record" (MOR) for a heavy-duty gasoline engine for on-road use in the MIIT vehicle engine catalogue.

MIIT and MEP have implemented increasingly stringent standards for commercial vehicles including buses in China. One result has been substantially higher costs and greater complexities for diesel vehicles in particular. OEMs have responded by exploring alternative platforms, including gasoline, essentially creating a new, large commercial vehicle category in China, where diesel has long been the norm. PSI is targeting this growing on-road market with its 4.8-L, V8 gasoline engine.

"This latest step in our long-term growth strategy positions PSI to deliver engine and technology solutions into on-road markets in China where clean emission alternatives to diesel are trending," says Gary Winemaster, PSI's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "This trend has created a growing interest in our low emission, competitively priced, gasoline engines. We are pleased to be working with several China-based OEMs who are leading the shift away from diesel."

PSI has already signed supply and development agreements with several of China's largest bus manufacturers, including Yutong Bus, JAC Motors/AnKai Bus, Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus and AVIC Silver Bus. The company believes that the new certification makes its 4.8-L, V8 gasoline engine an even more attractive option, potentially paving the way for additional agreements and further penetration into China's on-road market with new partners and new applications.