Ecomotive Introduces Natural Gas Engine

Ecomotive's new natural gas engine, the ES-3CB1-NG, has a 3-cylinder monobloc design which can operate on various forms of natural gas.

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Ecomotive Solutions, a Holdim Group company that is known internationally as a specialist in engine calibration, and Pitteri Violini, a leading company in the distribution of mechanical and hydraulic components and engines for OE applications, have come together to design an industrial engine powered by natural gas (the engine can currently be used with methane and biomethane, and soon with GPL too). This innovative new piece of equipment is called the ES-3CB1-NG.

Based on a solid 3-cylinder monobloc design by ISUZU (a brand distributed by Pitteri Violini in the industrial engine sector), the new engine developed by Ecomotive Solutions and Pitteri Violini is the product of an intensive R&D process, implemented with a view to reducing pollutant emissions and improving performance in terms of torque and power. The result is a product that can be used to replace original engines with total peace of mind, with no need to modify the space and function of the machine into which the new engine is being placed; the only requirement is the provision of a natural gas supply (compressed gas cylinders, gas network, LNG tank, etc.)

Leonardo Zappella, CEO of Pitteri Violini, made the following comment with regard to the project: “With this innovative new development, conceived in partnership with Ecomotive Solutions, we can satisfy an increasingly common demand from our customers, many of whom are looking for products with low environmental impact but which can still provide the same levels of performance as traditional diesel engines. In Ecomotive Solutions, we found our perfect technological partner, allowing us to drive this project forward, a step that we hope will bring further benefits to our extensive distribution network in the industrial engines sector. The ES-3CB1-NG is merely the first in a range of engines that will soon have gas 'twins.' Indeed, the resoundingly positive reception that our new engine received on its official presentation at EIMA 2016 convinced us to reinforce our partnership with Ecomotive Solutions. We will be working together over the course of 2017 to develop a comprehensive range of gas engines for various industrial applications."

The engine technology

The ES-3CB1-NG is an Otto-cycle engine that uses an innovative controlled electronic ignition system, allowing each individual cylinder to be adjusted individually, thus ensuring optimum performance and maximum reliability.

The gaseous fuel is transported to the engine via an electronic fuel injection system that allows for the quantity of gas introduced into the combustion chamber to be accurately controlled. The engine is managed by a dedicated electronic control unit, which allows it to adapt to various applications, thanks to the engine's speedy response to load variations.

The combustion is controlled via a "closed-loop" system, which uses a lambda probe to constantly correct the stoichiometric air/fuel ratio in order to achieve the best possible performance. The flexible line which regulates the incoming gas pressure allows the engine to be connected to low pressure natural gas sources (e.g. urban networks), medium pressure sources (gas networks in industrial areas) or other types of pressure (Compressed Natural Gas from cylinders or Liquefied Natural Gas from cryogenic tanks).