FPT Supports Technical Training for Young People in South Africa

As a partner of CNH Indutrial's TechPro², FPT provides technical professional training for power generation and on-road applications.

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The Opening Ceremony of the TechPro² 2017 Edition was held on March 16, 2017 at the “Don Bosco Educational Center” in Ennerdale, Johannesburg.

TechPro², sponsored by CNH Industrial with the collaboration of the "Salesian Works worldwide", is a technical training program dedicated to young people, with the aim of preparing highly qualified personnel to be placed in the automotive industry. Created in 2008, TechPro² has grown over the years and has spread Training Centers all over the world. The purpose of the initiative is twofold. On the one hand, it meets the need for specialized operators. On the other, it directs young people who also come from poor social environments and are looking for tangible professional opportunities in the job market.

FPT Industrial, CNH Industrial's brand dedicated to powertrains, is among the main partners of the project, providing to TechPro² organization in South Africa with engines for Power Generation and On-road applications.

An educational training program has been developed by FPT Industrial in order to provide basic knowledge on these engines. The course is led by a local teacher and will take place over one year. A special “Diploma” released to the course, is recognized by the South Africa Government. In order to place young people in the job market, TechPro² participants will attend internships at local FPT Industrial dealers. The technical part of training will be provided by CNH Industrial local Technical Department.

Furthermore, FPT Industrial is actively involved in training new trainers through digital courses, which will have a specific part dedicated to the TechPro² project. Digital training is available on the web platform provided by FPT Industrial.