Command PRO EFI FlexFuel E85 Engine

Kohler introduces its Command PRO EFI FlexFuel E85 Engine, a closed-loop engine with the ability to use all ethanol fuel blends.

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Kohler Engines introduces its closed-loop electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine with the flexibility to use all ethanol fuel blends.

  • Able to use ethanol fuel blends from E0 to E85, including E15
  • Closed-loop EFI technology provides performance in field while delivering low overall operating cost 
  • Utilizes lower cost fuels efficiently
  • Constantly monitors air/fuel mixture in engine’s muffler and automatically makes necessary adjustments to amount of fuel injected into system
  • Provides constant stream of critical feedback, delivering optimal fuel efficiency and easier starting, improved power and increased life span
  • Automatically senses ethanol mix in engine – even if that includes many different grades – and optimizes performance accordingly
  • Enables end user to have fewer worries about fuel type, fuel quality or ethanol content
  • Intuitively makes performance enhancements, regardless of operating conditions
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