High Horsepower (HHP) Summit

HHP Summit 2018: Natural Gas for High Horsepower Applications

December 11, 2018
December 12, 2018
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60616

High Horsepower (HHP) Summit 2018 will focus on the use of natural gas in high horsepower applications to help provide environmental benefits. Applicable industries include rail, marine, mining, construction, power generation and other high horsepower industrial applications.

HHP Summit 2018 “Natural Gas for High Horsepower Applications” is a first-of-its-kind conference designed to illustrate the growing momentum for the use of natural gas in off-road "high horsepower" applications such as marine, rail exploration and production, mining, construction, and on-site power generation.

Over the course of three days, the summit will feature industry leading experts, natural gas success stories from other end-users in these sectors, technology specialists, and other key resources throughout a robust agenda of plenary and breakout sessions, a trade show, training sessions, hands-on equipment displays, and exceptional networking opportunities.

For the seventh year in a row, the event will cover topics such as natural gas availability, accessibility and mobile fueling options. Attendees will have a chance to participate in general and breakout sessions as well as visit exhibition booths and go on an off-site tour.